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Unsigned Bands Promotion Tips to learn How to effectively Promote their Music

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Ten years ago, I decided to follow my idol Elvis Presley into a music career. I quickly learned that Elvis' singing ability was matched with Col. Tom Parker's incredible artist marketing and band promotion skills. So I began learning what it takes to make a successful and profitable living in as an unsigned musician, and later, in unsigned bands.

I read book after book, promoted my bands, and pushed my music and songwriting forward. Eventually, I came across an incredible author and book that really helped me as an unsigned artist who I'll mention later.

In 1997, I realized the web was the great equalizer. I designed webpages and learned online band promotion. I read newsletters by online marketers and music promoters and studied other unsigned band resources. In 2000, I took my knowledge and began publishing my own newsletter, called The Bards Crier, a free bands promotion ezine.

The Bards Crier continues to earn rave reviews from unsigned bands and musicians worldwide though it is published once a quarter now. The reason? It features practical and inexpensive music promotion promotion tips to help unsigned bands move forward in a world dominated by Major Labels.


Unsigned bands are faced with huge challenges with music promotion, including:

  • Virtually no income from gigs
  • Lack of money to record and promote your CDs
  • Few dedicated fans to buy your CDs and see your live performances
  • Unfamiliarity with how the music business works, and,
  • the biggest cause of failure in music, lack of effective music management skills

The great thing is unsigned bands can be taught to promote their music! It may take a while to learn the music promotion skills you need to succeed, but you can learn them and make a fortune without a record label.


Here's a brief intro to making a living as unsigned bands or musicians:

When I stared The Bards Crier, my band had no fan base and very little money to promote our music. Using online resources and aggressive band promotion ideas, we were able to push our unsigned band into one of the most-popular unsigned Celtic bands online! And using some of the music promo tips below, I'm gonna show you how you can do the same!

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